Seeds for the future

There's just something about seeing things grow, seeing them sprout up from basically nowhere at all, but from an act of love. It's quite close to magic. 

In 2011, we started the "Sprouting Seeds", a 5 years project funded by Global Village Association (GVA) in partnership with naTerra association.

From 2016 onwards it became an independent project under daTerra social enterprise.

Timor-Leste, in the rural area of Baucau-Diwake was the chosen place to create it.

The vision is to promote and propagate agro-biodiversity through a resilient model of food production, income generation and livelihood in general. 

There are 5 main objectives:

1) Demonstration of sustainable agriculture & permaculture systems and technics for schools, farmers, universities, government, NGO's and individuals
2) Living seed bank (currently the largest known agro biodiversity seed bank in Timor-Leste)
3) Propagation and distribution of agro biodiversity seedlings
4) Sustainable agriculture & Permaculture Research center
5) Volunteer programs and activities

Sprouting Seeds project is a volunteers project created and designed with the intention of creating a model of a self-sustainable farming and to inspire Timorese households to create similar models.

This is a vision towards eradicating modern day problems in Timor-Leste such as climate change vulnerabilit; gender equality; malnutrition; contaminated water, land exploitation, deforestation and inspiring the youth to make better use of the land they will one day inherit.