Welcome to daTerra

DaTerra was born from the desire to create a fusion between two concepts - environmental education and ethical tourism - serving as a platform for their promotion.

Founded in 2017, in Dili, daTerra created a hostel and restaurant following the principles of permaculture. 

At the same time, in Baucau, it affiliated the educational farm and seed bank of the independent project "Sprouting seeds", and has since become its manager and financier. 

A seed bank and permaculture research centre combining pedagogical activities with schools and other entities and also promoting agro-tourism.

At the beginning of the pandemic, daTerra was forced to close doors in their space in Dili, thus focusing on their social project in Baucau, dedicated to the promotion of environmental education and agro-biodiversity, through training activities with schools and farmers, as well as propagating and distributing a wide variety of trees and plants available at daTerra's live seed bank.