Our pedagogical farm & edible garden

Come visit our farm and learn how nature works its magic.

The farm is designed in a way that visitors can make the direct link between seed, plant and product/purpose. In our educational tours visitors can learn how the integrated farm systems work and the synergies played upon each other. 

Raising caring children

By interacting, nurturing, and caring for the wellbeing of the farm's plants and animals, children learn to develop a sense of empathy and compassion, vital for the ability to significantly contribute to the improvement of their community, their country and the planet.

As they learn about the processes and systems, they can see these at play in our natural world, and they understand how everything in nature is connected. 

Since 2011, we had over 3000 individuals visiting the farm, over 700 school students, 150 local teachers, government entities such as the President and Peace Nobel Prize, Ramos Horta, Vice-Minister of Health, Ana Soares, extensionists from MAF, head of FDTL, lieutenant colonel Maubuti and staff, European deputies and various local and international NGO's such as Permatil, CDC, Ba Futuru, Fraterna, Caritas Baucau & Dili, OHM, Red Cross, USAID, GIZ, FAO and many others.