Seeds  for  Trees  Campaign

DaTerra means from the Earth. Our home is generous enough to provide us Air, Water and Food. Our wish is to give back. Distribute to those who need it more.

Here is an opportunity for you to be part of our mission too.

We are running a campaign at the moment, part of the Sprouting Seeds project. 
This campaign aims to support our project with the funds necessary to continue to collect materials and distribute highly nutritious trees to various communities. 

We also wish to improve our nursery facilities that got damaged during the recent heavy rains.

Considering some of the adversities resulting from the current situation, namely pandemic restrictions and the last big floods in East Timor, we have decided to set a campaign, for the first time,, and the moto is one tree for one dollar aiming to distribute and plant 20,000 trees.

Check all the campaign details in the Seeds for Trees Campaign section and follow the campaign link to donate and share. 

You can also donate directly to our account.

East Timor:
Bank name: BNU Timor Leste (CGD)
IBAN: TL380020142422201000162


Bank name: Montepio Geral
IBAN: PT50003602989910000726939

We count on you to make this dream possible!
1 TREE = 1 USD

Some of daTerra friends' comments

José Ramos Horta

Former President of East Timor and Peace Nobel Prize

“During my visit to Fatumaka last week, I visited 'DaTerra' and Fernando Madeira. The images I share here do not portray the true beauty and dimension of the project. It is better to go there for a few days, do some volunteering, enjoy Baucau and this garden that made me imagine an intermediate space station on the Earth-Mars route."

Bernardo Batista

Have been blessed to visit this beautiful project from 2012 to 2014 and it was amazing to see how a small farm, could be strong enough to change the world! A model of a resilient-food-sovereignty-community created specifically for East Timor, that with passion and patience became the biggest organic and nature-respectful seed guardian and seedlings producer in the country. Future trees that hopefully will green the country even more, and the rest of the planet!

Manuela Costa

Primary School Teacher

A project that I had the privilege to know during the time I worked and lived in Timor, having the chance to show the farm to my students from the Baucau school. A project of self-sustainable agriculture and permaculture with and for the community. A work developed with passion by amazing people who dedicate their heart and soul to an environmental and human cause. Congratulations for all your commitment!

José Alves

Civil Operation Commander 

This place is magical! Whenever I go to DaTerra Baucau I feel nature at its best! Living in community without harming the environment, where the concept of self-sustainability is present in everything, showing us that it is possible! Fernando is an extraordinary human being, a dreamer and a good friend. I enjoy the time I spend with him and his dreams. It is well worth a visit! I hope to go there very soon! 

Filipa Rodrigues


Such a heartwarming project for our beautiful East Timor and our planet. Educating and helping local communities through sustainable agriculture and permaculture, along with a seed bank that serves the people of timor. It has been amazing to meet and see the work of this dedicated people at daTerra farm.

Mariana Especiosa


To think about sustainability is to think about others! To "sow" projects like this is to contribute to the flourishing of a good cause. It is the contemplation of man with his peers ... with the land ... It is "sowing" conscience. Be sure to visit this place, it has a unique landscape.

Jonathan the Seagull


Keep up the good work. Been there in 2011 and 2015-2018! Great place to see the systems of permaculture come full circle and branch out to the surrounding communities

Vincent Rousseau


Great spot, amazing project!! Been there volunteering twice, in 2016 and 2021!! Will be back as soon as I can!!

Fausto Campos

Portuguese military

DaTerra Baucau is the best place in Timor to rest and enjoy the peaceful environment. Congratulations Fernando and Vicente.

Susana Reis

Project advisor

Great place to visit and rest. Gorgeous surroundings. Super nice and welcoming staff. They carry out an amazing work. Recommended for children. 

Cláudio Savaget


I am very proud to be a journalist specialized in environmental issues, nature conservation and sustainability, issues that are part of Fernando Madeira's life and work, the first friend I made on my return to Timor in 2013. Since then, I have followed the several projects that Fernando carried out. I remember the beginning of the Timor Seed Bank, which he collected, classified and carefully kept. And even the first steps of the magical permaculture garden in Baucau. It was a great emotion to see that after 8 years, everything that was planted there grew and blossomed. They are the fruits of a persistent and patient journey by Fernando Madeira and his DaTerra.
Long live this beautiful initiative. Timor-Leste deserves it!